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EduTech 2023

Well, this week has seen EduTech2023 come and go and Technology Core were very pleased to have been involved.

The Tech Core EduTech Team

In what was a really big week in meeting all sorts of educators from across the country and indeed across the globe, we managed to give away 800 of our Tech Core cows which proved to be insanely popular in the show. Another attraction was our abduct a cow game which certainly had people across the conference talking.

The show was a chance for us to exhibit our new PCAP range, our new edge2.0 series screen and now 110” monster display. Well, that’s what I’m calling it anyway, and I’m not quite sure if that’s the official name, but I think it’ll stick. We also spoke with lots of delegates at the show about ways for them to wirelessly screen-share using the Air Connect 2 hardware solution.

The Toolbox sessions that were held on our stand seemed to give some good spark to educators who can take away things that they can do in their classroom on Monday. This was a chance to show off what we can teach educators about using an interactive screen with what they already have. It proved very popular and we’ll be following up a number of schools to give their staff some help in getting the best from their screens.

What was a lot of fun, were the duck races held by our own star, Andy Penman, who managed to get the crowd up and cheering for their duck in our virtual duck races on the 110 inch screen. We had lots of people encouraging their ducks using our special numbered papers with so-called voice activated chips in them. Anyone who saw this at the show will probably have a little giggle at that as it was an ongoing joke across the 2 days.

Edutech was a chance for us to talk about our repurposing project, taking refurbished screens and placing them in Cambodian classrooms, and from the feedback we gathered from schools and vendors, it looks like those talks were a success. We’ve been approached by a number of different schools and vendors to talk about how they can contribute older PCs that are still working so that we can take them and place them in Cambodian schools to give children in Cambodia a chance at a better future. As a company that provides technology into schools and replaces tech that often is working and with no problems, Technology Core are thrilled to have opened the minds of delegates, schools and businesses to the possibilities in taking refurbished tech and giving those who might not have the chance to access technology to improve their future outcomes.

The new HDi PCAP Pro

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our stand. Although it was a tiring few days, we really had a very good time speaking and meeting with you all. We hope that EduTech 2024 will be just as big and we have a couple of new games up our sleeve ready to introduce for next year.

Next, it’s on to integrate 2023 in Sydney next week…

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