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HDi at Indo Pacific 2023

HDi has been increasing its presence in various industries and has been demonstrating the capabilities of using interactive screens to help with collaborative brainstorming, planning and design in those areas. Technology Core – HDi’s parent company, finds one of the most effective way to raise awareness of the screens is to attend various industry expos and show off what the HDi screens can do.

Technology Core has invested in it’s technology to ensure that it can meet the stringent security requirements to provide hardware to the defence industry in Australia. This demonstrates one of the ways that Tech Core will work to ensure that they can provide the latest in interactive technology to give your industry the solutions it needs. By exhibiting at shows like this that are industry specific, Tech Core can show that it is capable of working in diverse areas and supporting their customers from a locally owned and operated company.

Each show has its own flavour and feel, and this year’s Indo Pacific 2023 Maritime Exhibition showed the possibilities for using  HDi Interactive Screens in the maritime industry.


Technology Core's stand featuring a range of screens

Technology Core’s Andy Penman, Max Stevenson and Stig Selnes attended a very busy 3 days at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.


The HDi 86″ PCAP interactive screen on a tilt-to-table trolley was one of the highlights of the show. Being the largest tilt-to-table screen in Australia, and designed to lay flat, delegates were amazed at the flexibility on offer with the screen and being able to go from vertical to horizontal whilst being fully mobile. A common feeling amongst delegates were how they would change the way they work with the screen in table mode. Andy Penman explains, A lot of people are intrigued by how they can implement the table format for more collaboration vs straight up presentation.” 

Giving a Navy Careers Presentation on HDi edge 2.0 screen

That desire to change the way that information is presented, or collected during collaborative sessions, is one of the key reasons so many attendees have been interested in seeing and trying the HDi PCAP screen. Mention was made that many learning spaces are still using either whiteboards or using projection based setups to display digital presentations. Currently throughout the defence industry, there is a real trend to need to engage younger people who are not impressed with the current state of tech in defence when it comes to learning/presenting. 

With so many schools and universities switching to more advanced tech based solutions to achieve better learning outcomes, the consensus amongst defence is the need to modernise how they run their learning sessions to continue to recruit the best candidates to keep the country protected. Technology Core’s interactive screen solutions provide the tech and support to help the defence industry achieve their goals and keeping their personnel trained and engaged in new learning.

Demonstrating the HDi 86" PCAP in Tilt-To-Table Mode

Another aspect to the solutions that Technology Core provides is with operational planning and day-to-day work. There are very practical reasons to use an interactive screen in both standard and tilt-to-table modes that the attendees have had a chance to see in person and ask questions about the work they are doing. Andy Penman talks about what some of the discussions with him have been focused on.   “The tables are being discussed as something to support simulation hardware or war-simming, mapping, and logistics planning,” he says, “as well as more collaborative engagements using Microsoft apps such as Whiteboard and PowerPoint.”

Various photos from the show

86" PCAP in Tilt-To-Table mode running MS Maps in a City Flyover
Using the 86" PCACP with the Cruiser Interactive Software
Tech Core Team enjoying some collaborative work
The 86" screen was very popular
Setting up to view the Big Race
As an Australian owned company, Technology Core and HDi are always proud to help Australian companies in achieving their goals  with solutions that can be tailored to their needs and industry requirements.
If you would like to know more about the solutions and products they offer, head to for more information.

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