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i-Educate 2023

At the height of show season Technology Core visited the sunny city of Brisbane to join in on the i-Educate 2023 Digital Innovation in education conference on the 11th and 12th September 2023 to work with Queensland Computers to show our solutions to the large number of educators there.

Headed up to Queensland was our Victorian and Queensland Key Accounts Manager – JJ, and our Customer Experience Manager – Peter, and over the course of the 2 days they spoke with many Queensland schools that are looking for various solutions for interactive screens in their classrooms as well as assistance with things such as training on the existing screens they have.

The Technology Core Stand
Geoff from QLD Computers doing his thing.

Technology Core partnered with Queensland Computers to demonstrate the various solutions we provide with the HDi edge 2.0 series of screens as well as the multitude of trolleys, wall mounting solutions and other solutions to offer technology in classrooms. The show was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Southbank where nearly 400 delegates listened to a range of speakers, talk about technology in classrooms and how it impacts upon teaching now and in the future. They also heard about solutions that experts can provide educators to help them navigate the varying technologies, including the rise of AI, that are available in classrooms as well as possible problems that may evolve from using them. In the main hall were a wide range of exhibitors displaying different technologies that can assist teachers use technology more efficiently and creatively and to assist in the management of students in the classroom.

The large number of attendees at the conference.

Over the course of the show, Technology Core gave various presentations on the stand on getting the best from using interactive screen with the technology teachers already have and explaining how they don’t need extra software to be able to create engaging, interactive content for students in the classroom. Peter also ran a number of very short Learning With HDi sessions with quick hits that teachers can take away and use in their classrooms using an interactive screen. These were very well received as many educators said they could go away and use this immediately.

Peter giving a mini Learning with HDi session.
Give me an H, Give me a D, Give me an i....HDi!

Being such a well-attended show, we gave away 300 cows to those who came and talked to us on our stand as well as lots of other little goodies such as keep cups and bags. The cows were extremely popular amongst the attendees and were a talking point across the show. For Tech Core this is a fantastic way of raising awareness of who we are and what we do, as many remember the cows first and then we can talk more on what we offer.

Technology Core have been extremely pleased with the way the show has progressed and look forward to working with a large number of Queensland schools with our Queensland Computers partner in the future. 

Bring on i-Educate 2024!

Geoff from QLD Computers and JJ from Tech Core doing their thing.
The Cows Waiting for their Greener Pastures.

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