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The Industry That Has Thrived During a Global Pandemic

The world has changed dramatically over the last year. Covid-19 has changed everything and as always technology has been adapted to compensate for the new world of lockdowns. Particularly in Australia, boardroom meetings, and conferences have been put on hold in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid. Before the pandemic we were familiar with Zoom and Teams…

But how has video conferencing
evolved as Covid continues…?

Initially, meetings and training sessions were met with cameras and mics turned off and these sessions were very one sided. As a presenter or a manager it was impossible to tell how much information was being absorbed. As the pandemic has continued, society in general has become far more competent in how to effectively run hybrid meetings.

At Technology Core we believe nothing beats in-person training and this is why training is included in all of our prices. With recent lockdowns in both Sydney and Melbourne and many schools asking for sessions on pupil free days, we decided to continue ahead with our sessions but hosting them online from our Tech Hub Showrooms. We were sceptical as to how effective this training would be but we were overwhelmed with the positive outcomes from these sessions.

Instead of being met with a black screen and a line through a mic we opened our Team’s meetings to classrooms full of staff members both working from home and onsite. The sessions were not only far more interactive than what we would have seen a year ago but much higher quality in terms of learning outcomes. With schools using high quality cameras and having an interactive screen of their own on one of our mobile units in the background so we could walk through the entire session together.

In some sessions we even shared a digital whiteboard, allowing us to collaboratively work on the same whiteboard 100s of kilometres away.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to be a part of the development of online learning.

Although these seem like small steps, the culture around video conferencing and virtual learning has drastically shifted.

These hybrid meetings allowed us to meet over 100 staff members that were spread across 1200km in one week! Obviously, nothing beats a hands on, in person training session but with these hybrid sessions drawing closer and closer towards that same experience, we are ensuring that we are in as many classrooms and businesses throughout Australia – pandemic or not.

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Peter Merrick

Peter Merrick

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